Many car owners visit Jaguar Cape Fear to have fluid inspections and routine motor oil changes. Oil, coolant, and power steering fluid might rank high on any driver’s list, but they shouldn’t ignore brake fluid. Brake fluid creates the hydraulic pressure necessary to slow and stop a vehicle. If it is old, it may not work as well.

Drivers know that stepping on the brake pedal engages the entire brake system. Hopefully, they also realize the various brake parts need to be in good shape to work. They might not know brake fluid could leak from the master cylinder or the lines and hoses. A routine brake inspection might reveal any problems with brake fluid levels or damage to the lines.

The various parts affected by brake fluid pressure include the calipers, pads, and more. When any brake component does not do its job, driving a vehicle around Wilmington, NC could be dangerous.

Car owners may need to check the ground for any signs of fluid leaks. And don't ignore even subtle signs the brakes are working as expected.

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