Everyone knows Jaguar for being one of the sportiest, sleekest, most luxurious, and even tech-savvy brands around. But what most people don’t know is that Jaguar is now one of the safest brands around, too. One of Jaguar’s most popular models, the 2022 XF, is certainly no exception to the higher standard of safety that Jaguar holds itself to.

One of the most popular safety features in the 2022 XF, Blind Spot Assist, warns you through visual and audible clues when a car is in your blind spot. In this way, side-swiping someone is a thing of the past. Another popular safety feature of the 2022 XF, Lane Keep Assist, detects when the vehicle is drifting to either side of the lane and will actually apply a gentle corrective measure to encourage the vehicle safely back into the center of the lane. With so many more safety features in store, it makes sense why 2022 XF drivers love the peace of mind that comes with their Jaguar.

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