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Charging Your Car Battery

Charging a battery is something that drivers have been doing themselves for years. However, it’s also a task that is unfamiliar to many drivers. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Make sure the vehicle and all electronics are turned off.
  • If the battery’s terminal have plastic caps, remove the caps.
  • Remove the negative cable, which is generally black.
  • Clean any dirt or debris that may be on the battery terminals.

Now, you’re ready to start charging.

  • Be sure the battery charge is turned off.
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How Often Should You Have Your Cabin & Engine Air Filters Changed?

How Often Should You Have Your Cabin & Engine Air Filters Changed?Your vehicle's cabin air filter and engine air filter play vital roles in keeping the air inside your vehicle clean and free of contaminants. That's why it's important to change them on a regular basis.

To get the most accurate estimate of how often to change your cabin air filter and engine air filter, consult your vehicle's owner's manual. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should change your cabin air filter every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. 


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The Importance of Wheel Alignments

Many things work together to make your vehicle run smoothly down the road. One of these things is a wheel alignment. People often underestimate the importance of wheel alignments. Wheel alignments are performed by adjusting the vehicle’s suspension system, which is the part that attaches the wheels to the vehicle.

By doing this, they’re adjusting the tire’s angles in which they come into contact with the road. Although many people believe it’s the tires that are adjusted, it’s actually the car. A proper alignment will help the vehicle run smoothly down the road and will…

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What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Many car owners visit Jaguar Cape Fear to have fluid inspections and routine motor oil changes. Oil, coolant, and power steering fluid might rank high on any driver’s list, but they shouldn’t ignore brake fluid. Brake fluid creates the hydraulic pressure necessary to slow and stop a vehicle. If it is old, it may not work as well.

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